Treating Hemorrhoids Non-Surgical

Many people think that surgery is the only way to cure their health problems irrespective of it being minor or treatable with other alternatives. Doctors prescribe surgery on to the most severe cases of hemorrhoids and that too only when other treatments and therapies fail to be effective. Surgery is the last option for all medical professionals and individuals with hemorrhoid problem should also treat it as the final option. Moreover, there are lots of non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments available to eliminate hemorrhoids and its symptoms.

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However, non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments cannot immediately eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The symptoms of hemorrhoids include inflammation, itchng and abscesses in the anus area. Certain types of hemorrhoids are visible to naked eyes but do not pose any problem or show any symptoms. External hemorrhoids can be a condition where people often feel embarrassed. According to studies, 20% of the population suffers from hemorrhoids.

The best practice to soothe the inflammation or irritation caused by hemorrhoids is to take a warm shower. This is one of the best no-surgical treatments one can try at home and can be relieved of the symptoms of hemorrhoids immediately. Taking bath in warm water at regular intervals can loosen up hemorrhoids under tremendous stress. Applying topical hemorrhoid creams directly on the affected area can also relieve the pain. Apply the creams after a warm shower and have a pain-free day.

However, it is important and wise to read the instruction written on the cover of the product as certain creams have a different composition and need to be applied as suggested. Proctocort, Preparation-H, and Tronolane are some of the widely used hemorrhoid creams. Be prepared to bear the stinging feeling one may experience after applying these creams. However, there is nothing to worry because people with sensitive skin feel this stinging more than other. These hemorrhoid creams are available over the counter and at a very affordable price too.

Individuals suffering from hemorrhoids should think twice before getting into surgical treatments. They should keep in mind that tolerating the pain is much better than facing the ill effects of surgery that will cause other trouble later. People suffering from hemorrhoids should always consider non-surgical alternatives and be ready to try different types of treatments before settling for one.

It is very important to consult a doctor and seek medical attention to cure hemorrhoids. A doctor will be the right person to suggest the best options and medication to ease the condition. Depending on the severity and considering other factors a doctor will recommend surgery. Doctors very often suggest dietary changes with some lifestyle changes to help one cope up with hemorrhoids and its symptoms.

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