Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Treatment for hemorrhoids is usually given by diagnosing the patient. Treatment for hemorrhoids is given by analyzing the symptoms. Several treatment for hemorrhoids are there. The commonly given treatment is conservative treatment. In this conservative treatment for hemorrhoids help to lessen the symptoms like bleeding, itching, paining, irritation.

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Even though it is not in conservative treatment for hemorrhoids, then prescribe some other treatment for hemorrhoids like laser treatment, sclerotherapy, cryosurgery and so on. In conservative treatment for hemorrhoids; symptoms like bleeding is reduced by including the fiber to the diet which contain supplement of psyllium it helps in controlling the bleeding and those who take the fiber should also increase the liquid food to avoid constipation. For those who are not having liking for fiber products then they are recommend to have a high-fiber diet that includes Fiber rich foods, are prescribed in the treatment for hemorrhoids such as vegetables, fruits including orange banana, apple berries.

For the symptoms like irritation and itching the conservative treatment for hemorrhoids is to take warm sitz bath, including the fiber in diet, applying the creams, especially the cream containing the hydrocortisone is not used more than one week. Many creams may cause side effects, it better to consul the doctor before using the pain reliving creams. in the scleotherapy treatment for hemorrhoids chemical solution is injected through the blood vessels an makes the hemorrhoids shrink

If patients are not cured in the conservative treatment for hemorrhoids, then followed the other treatment for hemorrhoids like laser treatment. Laser treatment for hemorrhoids are given those who have internal hemorrhoids. In the laser treatment, it burns the hemorrhoids. Another treatment for hemorrhoids is rubber band ligation. In this treatment for hemorrhoids rubber band is put around the anus, it kills the hemorrhoids after that warm sitz bath is taken to get relief from the pain and irritation. Patients who are still continued in the symptoms then the hemorrhoids is removed by surgery.





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