Moles on Face - An Overview

Moles on face are often referred to as beauty marks and at various times in history it has been considered attractive and was created artificially. Even depending upon the moles on face forecast about the future has been predicted. But is it true? What causes moles on face? Genetics play a role in the formation of moles on face. Some families have a tendency to develop more moles on face than others.

Are the moles on face and other parts of the body will be dangerous? They are harmless, but sometimes they can be difficult to tell from skin cancer by lay persons. This can be especially true for a type of mole called a dysplastic nevus. Any growth that suddenly changes in size, color, shape, bleeds, itches on a regular basis or becomes inflamed or irritated needs to be evaluated by a dermatologist.

Although many people remove moles on face for cosmetic reasons, removal is not necessary unless they are irritated, inflamed or suspicious.Can the moles on face be cured? Moles on the face are easily removed, but insurance considers this cosmetic unless they are inflamed, irritated or clinically suspicious. Some moles on the face may re-grow after removal, but most do not. There are several techniques that can be used to remove these growths.

Now-a-days people are more conscious of their looks since it plays an important role in social get together and other parties. Having some marks such as moles in their faces sometimes distracts others when they are talking to them. The person who is having mole on their face feels embarrassed in those situations. Hence it has become a necessity for such people to treat the moles on their face, so that it is removed without any scars on their face.





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