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Skin moles removal can be done in many ways. Different types of surgery are available for skin moles removal. The basic type of surgery involves Excision which is done by cutting the moles off from the skin and then stitching the two ends. It typically takes around 20 minutes for removing moles using this method.

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There is another method of excision which involves cauterization in which is done by burning the mole and removing it. Any of these surgery methods can be used for skin moles removal.Laser surgery is also used for skin moles removal. The technology is so improved that the patient may not feel the pain in the laser surgery method of mole removal. If laser surgery is used for skin moles removal it does less harm to the surrounding skin around the mole.

If some cases of laser surgery skin mole removal, scars are left after the surgery. If the mole is very big and laser surgery is performed on the mole then the scar that is left after the surgery would be very big than the mole itself. Then you have to take some treatment for removing the scar. In such cases it is better to leave the mole as it is instead of performing a surgery. Alternative methods for such skin moles removal can be adapted.

Most of the moles found are of genetic nature. If the mole is not a genetic nature, it has to be watched closely for any changes in color, size, and shape. If you note any of these changes then you have to contact a doctor immediately, since it may be a cancerous growth in the skin. Scars that are found after the surgery fade slowly with time. You can apply sunscreen to the area in which skin moles removal was done and prevent darkening of the scar in that area. Skin moles removal can also be done by the usage of peel off creams that are available in the market.





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