Ways to Eliminate Snoring

Tracheotomy is used in persons with severe, life-threatening snoring. In this procedure, a small hole is made in the windpipe and a tube is inserted into the opening. This tube stays closed during waking hours and the person breathes normally. This procedure helps to eliminate snoring. Dentistry offers the only practical solution to one of mankind’s most prevalent problems.

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The NAPA (Nocturnal Airway Patency Appliance) is the best way to eliminate snoring in approximately 80% of the cases; in another 15% of the patients, it reduces snoring to where it is tolerable to bed partners. Only in about 5% of the cases do its results not justify wearing it. The NAPA not only used to eliminate snoring in the vast majority of the cases but it is highly efficacious in the treatment of OSA. Paradoxically, this effectiveness creates a protocol problem.

Patients with severe problems should see a sleep specialist to eliminate snoring. More serious snoring problems, and especially sleep apnea, will need medical attention. Excess throat tissue, nasal obstructions, and chronically enlarged tonsils or adenoids may need to be removed surgically. A deviated septum may need to be repaired. Medications may have to be changed or included to eliminate snoring.

This method can improve one’s energy level, memory, and concentration; lower high blood pressure; create less burden on your heart; possibly eliminate the need for some medication. Most sleep disorders, including sleep apnea are very responsive to treatment. Not only will the treatment eliminate snoring, but also the other harmful health effects, such as disturbed sleep, lack of energy, excessive daytime sleepiness and the cardiovascular consequences.




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