Simple Methods to Prevent Snoring

Noiselezz® is our high modern technology, anti-snoring device designed to prevent snoring, sleep apnea (apne), grinding teeth and dry mouth. Changing life styles is perhaps the easiest way to reduce or prevent snoring. Overweight, or smoke, or drink just before bedtime all of these will increase the chance of one’s snoring.

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One product that is being advertised with is called Gluco-Free SnoreQuell. It is safe and effective and studies are on-going to show its positive effects in diabetes patients. The product is free of sugar, alcohol, fructose and sorbitol. It contains natural oils like olive, sunflower, almond and sesame that are enclosed in a liposome that results in the oils being released over time. These oils lubricate the soft tissues and uvula and prevent snoring.
Sleeping on your side with your mouth shut will help prevent snoring.

To help keep your mouth shut you can try one of two techniques. Either gently places your fist under your chin as you sleep or prop a second pillow under your chin. Breathing through your nose while sleeping will not only help prevent snoring, but will also help prevent sore throats and infections. "soft palate", a tissue in your mouth (that small, soft hanging tissue in the back of your mouth) can quickly start vibrating like a flag in the wind, making you snore all night long. Even wearing a device won’t work to prevent snoring. The reduction in oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide alert the brain to resume breathing and cause an arousal.

"Prevent snoring" is performed with each arousal, a signal is sent from the brain to the upper airway muscles to open the airway; breathing is resumed, often with a loud snort or gasp. Frequent arousals, although necessary for breathing to restart, prevent the patient from getting enough restorative, deep sleep. Oxygen administration may safely benefit certain patients but does not prevent snoring or prevent daytime sleepiness. During Nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) the air pressure is adjusted so that it is just enough to prevent the throat from collapsing during sleep and helps in prevent snoring.




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