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Research has shown that obesity is one of the primary causes of both snoring and sleep apnea. Maintaining a healthy weight is therefore the first step in snore prevention. Other useful steps in the snore prevention include making sure that ones bedroom is sufficiently ventilated, sleeping on ones side or stomach as opposed to back, and investing in a neck role as an alternative to a traditional pillow.

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If you don't realize your problem and try to get help then you are going to be putting your life in risk. There are different snore prevention techniques and methods that really work. Most of the comfortable snoring prevention aids that support the jaw and keeps the mouth closed while the patient sleeps and prevent them from snoring problem.Clinical studies have shown that, dentist prescribed snore prevention devices are successful in more than 85% of cases.

Other snore prevention options such as surgery, drugs, nasal strips and dilators have success rates of less than 50%! It is estimated that more than 80 million people in North America snore while sleeping. The SILENT NITE tm snore prevention device gently positions the lower jaw into a forward position by means of special connectors that are attached to transparent flexible upper and lower forms and helps to get relief from snoring.

In clinical research studies, these dentists prescribed oral devices have exhibited initial snore prevention success rates of between 70 to 100%. With the right mindset, embarking on a program of Snore Prevention can actually be a relatively simple exercise. Simple elements such as sleeping position, diet, exercise, and fluids consumed directly before retiring can make all the difference to a snoring condition. Many reports of researches have shown that obesity is one of the primary causes of both snoring and sleep apnea. So to maintain a healthy weight is the first step for snore prevention.




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