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Some asthma snoring medication has been found to relieve sleep apnea because they are related to respiratory organs. Some people need to lose weight, change their diets, or develop regular sleeping patterns to stop snoring. It may be helpful to remove allergy triggers from the affected person's bedroom.

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The doctor might also suggest snoring medication for allergies or congestion due to a cold. Snoring medication are available as conventional drugs for controlling snoring. It is also available in the form of natural and homeopathic treatments and can be used at home itself for treating snoring.Various types and shapes of pillows have been tried with little success as well as homeopathic snoring medication which have had a very poor record of success.

Dental appliances that shift the lower jaw forward or pull and hold the tongue forward have only met with limited success. Sleep as a result of these types of snoring medication is in reality never true sleep and if anything tranquilizers will in fact only aggravate a snoring condition by causing the muscles of the throat to relax unnaturally.Severe cases of air blockage, where there are periods of asphyxiation lasting longer than ten seconds, are called Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA.

OSA can be a serious snoring medication, and a dentist should refer the affected person to a sleep center for further treatment. Caffeine is a fairly common ingredient, especially in snoring medication. If an affected person had trouble in sleeping, he might want to check the label of any snoring medication he is taking -- even non-prescription ones.





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