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With the right mindset, snoring prevention can actually be a relatively simple exercise. Simple elements such as sleeping position, diet, exercise, and fluids consumed directly before retiring can make all the difference to a snoring condition. In their desperation, individuals taking sleeping tablets to help them get some much-needed rest.

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But pills are having side effect that causes snoring. By means of knowing the side effect of pills and avoiding these type of pills is one of the snoring prevention. One of the best snoring prevention is to avoid consuming alcohol or stimulants such as coffee four hours or less prior to retiring.A far better snoring prevention is to consume herbal teas such as camomile and noni leaf which encourage sleeping and do not cause increased mucus levels in the nasal passages.

Another prevention is to avoid eating a heavy meal or rich food may also lead to increased snoring due to the fact that when the stomach is overly full it tends to constrict the diaphragm and disturb respiration. Other useful steps in the snoring prevention include making sure that ones bedroom is sufficiently ventilated. In addition, those snores who are smokers should look to give up the habit. Thus avoiding smoking will play a main role in snoring prevention.

Therapeutic method is one of the new solution according to the invention, contains mucopolysaccharides of the glycosaminoglycane type as principle active agent, and more precisely sodic chondroitin sulphate for snoring prevention. Pregnant women can avoid bed and traditional pillows taking garlic in the food every day will be one of the way for snoring prevention.





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