Useful Snoring Treatments

Before considering snoring treatments, it is important to make determine if significant sleep apnea is present. This usually requires an overnight sleep study. Treating the sleep apnea usually also will correct the snoring. Since there can be health consequences of untreated sleep apnea, this takes priority. If only snoring is present, it is actually treated using methods similar to treatment of mild sleep apnea.

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Losing weight, even a small amount, can be one of the quite effective snoring treatments. If nasal obstruction is present, anything that improves nasal airflow may reduce snoring. Nasal swelling can occur with allergies, and a variety of different medications can be effective. If there is a deviated nasal septum, a septoplasty may be the best of all snoring treatments. Some people have found breathing strips or other techniques as one of the temporary treatments to spread the nose useful. Various pillows or other tricks to helping the reposition the snorer may be useful snoring treatments.

Various surgical techniques can be useful in snoring treatments. These procedures do not eliminate snoring, but may make it less loud so is better tolerated by the patient's spouse. Snoring is most often caused by fluttering of the soft palate, so the goal of the operations is to stiffen up the palate and prevent this movement.A LAUP ("lay-up") or a CAUP is one of the office-based snoring treatments procedure in which the surgeon makes a linear cut about 3/4" long on either side of the uvula, and may trim a portion of the uvula.

Similar in principle to a LAUP or a CAUP is somnoplasty. Somnoplasty is a new comer in the ways for snoring treatments uses radio frequency energy to heat tissue in the palate, causing formation of a lesion that gradually scars down and reduces the size and floppiness of the palate. Somnoplasty also uses an outpatient procedure and is quite a bit less painful that a LAUP, CAUP, or UPPP. Taking garlic in every day food is one of the natural snoring treatments.





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