Stretch Marks Cure - An Overview

The treatment methods usually deployed for stretch marks cure use a combination of medications. This is because there is no single medication available for stretch marks cure till date. Plenty of over-the-counter medications are available for stretch marks cure. Not all the medications show impressive results when used for stretch marks cure. The reason, the skin conditions are different for different individuals.

There are a plenty of natural remedies available for stretch marks cure. Constant use of the natural remedies for stretch marks cure over a longer period of time shows some good results.
There are various treatment options available for stretch marks cure. The treatment options for stretch marks cure include topical medications, certain techniques, and certain surgical procedures. The topical medications used for stretch marks cure are available in various forms which include creams, lotions, and ointments. Topical creams containing Retin-A are usually used for stretch marks cure. Microderm abrasion or chemical peeling is one of the surgical procedures used for stretch marks cure. Pulsed dye laser is one of the other widely used techniques for stretch marks cure.

Some of the remedies that help stretch marks cure include maintaining a healthy skin and drinking plenty of water. Reducing the intake of caffeine is one of the other remedies that help stretch marks cure. Taking foods rich in zinc such as nuts or fish is one of the other remedies that help stretch marks cure. Taking foods rich in vitamins A, C, D such as carrots, citrus fruits and milk and protein-rich foods such as eggs is one of the other remedies that help stretch marks cure. Your age, your skin tone, and your diet are some of the factors that decide the success of a treatment deployed for stretch marks cure. Insurance cover is not provided for the surgical procedures undertaken for stretch marks cure, as the removal of stretch marks is considered a cosmetic issue.





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