Stretch Marks Treatments

The stretch marks treatments use a few medications in combination to provide some relief from the symptoms, as no single medication is available for stretch marks cure till date. Over-the-counter medications used in stretch marks treatments, only improve the appearance of the stretch marks and not completely remove them.

Topical medications are used as part of stretch marks treatments, to cure the symptoms in mild cases. Stretch marks treatments for severe cases can involve use of surgical procedures and laser techniques. The stretch marks treatments work in different ways in different individuals, as the success of any treatment depends upon the skin conditions. Tretinoin or Retin-A cream is one of the medications widely used in stretch marks treatments, to cure pink or reddish stretch marks.

Stretch marks treatments involving the use of Retin-A, reduces the redness of the stretch marks and makes them into white scars. As all stretch marks do not start as pink or red, the success rate of the stretch marks treatments that use Retin-A is not so impressive and hence results are not guaranteed. The Retin-A cream used as part of stretch marks treatments, can be obtained only with a prescription. The Retin-A cream used as part of stretch marks treatments, are not recommended for use during pregnancy and nursing.

Stretch marks treatments also involve the use of a technique called microdermabrasion which involves spraying of micro crystals and chemicals on the skin under pressure at a high speed with a vacuum device. This technique used in stretch marks treatments, requires multiple sessions and is very painful and brutal. One of the other widely used methods in stretch marks treatments, include pulsed dye laser which helps the skin return to its natural color. This method of stretch marks removal performed in stretch marks treatments is very painful and requires anesthesia in some cases. The cost incurred for stretch marks treatments are not usually given insurance cover, as this is considered a cosmetic requirement.





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