About Effects of Hypothyroidism

The physical effects of hypothyroidism mainly depend up on the age of the person affected by the low thyroid hormones. Tiredness, lethargy, weight gain, constipation, cold intolerance, muscle cramps, and menstrual irregularities are some of the common symptoms caused due to the effects of hypothyroidism.

Some of the other symptoms include cold dry skin, husky voice, and slow relaxing reflexes. As the effects of hypothyroidism affect every tissue in the body, the skin becomes pale or yellow. Enlargement of the thyroid gland, higher lipids, and a puffy face and hands are some of the other common symptoms caused due to hypothyroidism.
Having angina, a slow heart beat, cardiac failure, a pleural effusion or a pericardial effusion in the cardiovascular system and infertility or excessive bleeding are some of the other symptoms caused due to the effects of hypothyroidism.

The mental state getting slow with an inability to concentrate, poor memory, an increased need to sleep, and depression are some of the other symptoms caused due to the effects of hypothyroidism. Weakness of the central nervous system, some cerebellar conditions, and entrapment of certain nerves such as at the wrist are some of the other symptoms caused due to the effects of hypothyroidism. Anaemia and some rare skin conditions can also be caused due to the effects of hypothyroidism.

Any change in menstrual patterns such as more or less frequent periods, the onset of substantially heavier or lighter periods, or the lack of periods entirely are considered to be the result of the effects of hypothyroidism. Precocious puberty, a condition in girls that triggers very early menstruation which may be before the age of 10 and delayed puberty, a condition in teenage girls that delays the onset of puberty and onset of menstruation into the mid-teens, in some cases after the age of 15 are some effects of hypothyroidism.




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