Important Signs of Hypothyroidism

There are several signs of hypothyroidism. The signs of hypothyroidism mean causing muscular problems, disorders, diseases and so on. The signs of hypothyroidism are also related with symptoms of hypothyroidism. You want know about the clinical signs of hypothyroidism. Here, there is list of information about the clinical signs of hypothyroidism.

The areas that are affected in the clinical signs of hypothyroidism are imbalance in the cellular metabolism, gastrointestinal disorder, dermatologic diseases, neuromuscular problem, hematologic diseases, and reproductive disorder.
The signs of hypothyroidism arise in the gastrointestinal track are constipation, diarrhea, vomiting. The signs of hypothyroidism in the hematologic diseases are bone marrow failure, bleeding, anemia, and low white blood cell count.

The signs of hypothyroidism in cellular metabolism are mental dullness, weight gain, cold tolerance, chronic infection, neurologic signs,and lethargy. The signs of hypothyroidism that are common in neurologic problem are weakness, facial paralysis, muscle wasting, megaesophagus, drooping eyelids, and head tilt.In dermatologic the common signs of hypothyroidism such as dry, scaly skin and dandruff, bilaterally symmetrical hair loss, greasy skin, and skin infection.

The signs of hypothyroidism that are affected commonly are hoarse voice, goiter, myxedema, periorbital edema, and coarse hair. The signs of hypothyroidism that are less common and it is examined physically are joint effusion hypothermia, hypertension, slow speech, and hypoventilation. The signs of hypothyroidism that are examined by lab tests are common are hypercholestral, erolemia, hyponatremia, pleural effusion, normochromic, and normocytic anemia. The signs of hypothyroidism that are examined by lab tests, which are less common, are sinus, prolonged QT interval, hyperprolactinemia and so on.




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