Best treatment for hypothyroidism

The easiest and effective way in treatment for hypothyroidism is by taking the thyroid hormone pill daily in the morning and it gives good results. The most important thing in the treatment for hypothyroidism is giving dosage correctly. The dosage will differ from each person-to-person and the person should check their levels annually, the dosage given in the treatment for hypothyroidism is adjusted according to their levels.

For some persons pill itself is not enough for them in the treatment for hypothyroidism, so in the treatment of hypothyroidism to give correct dosage is little bit difficult for physician to decide it, so, for that the blood tests are taken frequently.The initial treatment for hypothyroidism is given by seeing their age factor, treatment for hypothyroidism for adults, they are require thyroid replacement so for them levothyroxine is given with the dosage of 0.10 mg to 0.15 mg per day.

Dosage given for the children in the treatment for hypothyroidism is up to 4mg per kg per day. In the treatment for hypothyroidism the low dosage of levothyroxine is given for older patients the dosage for them is 0.025 to 0.05 mg per day. Another thing in the treatment for hypothyroidism is to change the dosage of the levothyroxine until the laboratory tests are normal.

After initiating the treatment for hypothyroidism, then the physician continue in monitor the TSH level or T4 level in the treatment for hypothyroidism, the patient still have the symptoms of hypothyroidism then the physicians consider to add the Triiodothyorine, if patient is not having any symptoms of hypothyroidism then physician continue the treatment for hypothyroidism by monitoring the level of TSH or T4 levels annually. Treatment for hypothyroidism for pregnant women is given by checking the level of TSH or T4 frequently and dosage is according to that.Thus Dosage and monitoring is important in the treatment for hypothyroidism.




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