Different Methods to Cure Genital Wart

Genital warts are mostly painless but they may cause itchiness in the area in which they exist. This genital wart is caused by the Human Papilloma virus. It is necessary to cure genital wart as this may spread to your sexual partner and it is a contagious and sexually transmitted disease. To cure genital wart you may use any of the available over the counter products.

Products like Tetrasil are used to cure genital wart. Tetrasil is used to cure genital wart; it penetrates the wart and releases micro electrical energy that kills the virus that causes warts. Tetrasil is safe and natural way to cure genital wart.To cure genital wart, Oxi-MED ointment is also used. This is a product that is not only used to cure genital wart but also to eliminate the virus that causes the wart, so that the warts do not reappear. Pristine Herbal Touch is a company that gives another product called the Wart Mole Vanish (WMV) to cure genital wart. This product is more effective to cure genital wart since it needs only a 20 minute application of this product. It does not require more time for treatment and cure as in the case of other products that are used to cure genital wart.

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP), a new treatment, is also used to cure genital warts. During this procedure, to cure genital wart, a sharp instrument shaped like a loop is passed under the wart and the wart is cut off the skin. Apart from the above new surgical treatment to cure genital wart, some special chemicals can also be applied to the warts to cure genital wart. These chemicals have to be applied for weeks to cure genital wart. The chemicals that you buy normally for other kinds of warts cannot be used to cure genital wart, since the use of those chemicals will make the genital skin very sore.





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