Medications used to Cure Genital Warts

Various treatments are available to cure genital warts. The treatment methods commonly used to cure genital warts include topical medications, certain techniques, and surgical procedures. Usually the topical medications prescribed to cure genital warts, can be used from home and can be bought over-the-counter without a prescription.

The use of techniques and surgical procedures to cure genital warts, need the proper guidance of a physician or a health care provider. Some of the treatment methods used to cure genital warts require multiple sessions, while some other require only a single session. The treatment method used to cure genital warts usually depends upon the size and location of the warts in the genital area.
Podophyllotoxin solution is one of the topical medications used to cure genital warts, which destroys the affected skin cells. As a result, the warts shrink or disappear.

Podophyllotoxin solution containing purified podophyllin in a more standardised form is not recommended for internal use to cure genital warts. In addition, this medication should not be used to cure genital warts, for an area more than 10 square centimeters in size. Imiquimod cream which enhances the body's immune response to the infection is one of the other medications widely used to cure genital warts. The recurrence of warts is less compared to the other treatments, when this medication is used to cure genital warts. Both the medications are not allowed to be used to cure genital warts, during pregnancy.

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) solution is a caustic agent which is one of the widely used products to cure genital warts. This solution when used to cure genital warts need to be applied sparingly with much care, as it could damage normal tissue if it gets to other areas. Laser ablation is one of the techniques commonly used to cure genital warts, in cases of extensive infection or difficult to reach areas such as the cervix. Epinephrine gel implant that contains the same drug as in 5% fluorouracil cream together with a vasoconstricting agent and a stabilising gel, is one of the other products used to cure genital warts. Cidofovir is one of the newly developed antiviral drugs that used to cure genital warts.





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