Methods to Cure Plantar Wart

Plantar wart is the wart that is found in the sole of your foot. To cure plantar wart a lot of home remedies as well as allopathic ointments are available. Natural medicines are also available to cure plantar wart. Plantar warts appear on the bottom of the feet. They look like raised bumps and look like callus. Low immunity in our body is found to be one of the reasons in the appearance of the warts.

Hence any treatment that is used to improve the immunity would help to cure plantar wart. The appearance of the warts is linked with the strength of the immunity system and the supplements taken to improve it would definitely play its role to cure plantar wart.Topical creams and ointments are also used to cure plantar wart. The most commonly used ointment to cure plantar wart is the Tetrasil ointment. This ointment that is used to cure plantar wart releases micro electrical energy to kill the virus that causes warts.

As the ointment kills the virus it also releases healing oxygen to the area of the wart to cure plantar wart. This ointment includes jojoba natural oil and organic wax to enhance natural healing of the wart. To cure plantar wart using topical creams and ointments, it is advised to soak the area of the wart in water for about twenty minutes before applying the medicine. This is proven to be more effective to cure plantar wart.

Intake of vitamin A and vitamin C has helped to cure plantar wart. Natural essential oils like Tea tree oil, garlic oil and vitamin E are found to be good topical natural ailments to cure plantar wart. These natural medicines contain virus fighting properties in them and hence these are used to cure plantar wart. Application of garlic oil alone over the wart is also found to cure plantar wart. Another treatment that is used to cure plantar wart is to apply vitamin E oil to the surrounding skin of the wart and place crushed garlic over the wart and cover the wart using an adhesive bandage.





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