Cure Plantar Warts - An Overview

A medication to cure plantar warts is not yet available. Usually a combination of medications or chemicals is used to cure plantar warts. The medications used to cure plantar warts, destroys only the warts and not the virus that causes it. Some of the medications used to cure plantar warts can be obtained over-the-counter while some other requires a prescription.

The method of treatment used to cure plantar warts depends on the location and size of the warts, your type of skin, and medical judgment. Medications are used to cure plantar warts only if the warts are smaller in size and minimum in number. To cure plantar warts that are larger in size and of enormous amounts, surgical procedures and laser techniques are used. Due care needs to be taken while using over-the-counter medications to cure plantar warts, as the chemicals of these medications can destroy the skin cells and damage the healthy tissue surrounding the wart.

Therefore, self-treatment involving the use of over-the-counter medications is not recommended, to cure plantar warts. A mild acid such as salicylic acid, cantharidin, dichloroacetic acid is topically to cure plantar warts, in some cases. This method of treatment used to cure plantar warts requires multiple applications over several weeks to show some good results.Carbon-di-oxide laser treatment is one of the other options widely used to cure plantar warts which are in a severe condition. The laser treatment performed using local anesthesia to cure plantar warts, produces some scarring.

Cryotherapy is one of the techniques used to cure plantar warts, which involve freezing warts with a very cold solution such as sodium nitride. This technique used to cure plantar warts, turns the color of the warts black and then makes them fall in a few days time. Debridement is a surgical procedure used to cure plantar warts that are large in number in a limited area. This procedure is not usually recommended to cure plantar warts, as it causes painful scarring.





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