Genital Wart Cure - An Overview

The virus known as human papilloma virus (HPV) causes genital wart. Genital wart is usually affected in the areas in and around the anus, on the cervix, in and around the vagina, form like bumps on the penis. Genital wart is a disease caused mainly due to having sex with the infected partner. This disease is known as sexually transmitted disease.

Genital wart cure is by using the condoms and spermicides, and having the safe sex. Genital wart cure is not possible to treat in home, for genital wart cure, it is must to get examine in the clinic. So that doctor will examine and treatment according to that. It is highly recommended that not to try genital warts cure in home. Genital warts is also known as condyloma, genital wart cure is possible, but, it is not possible to treat or to remove the virus hpv, many possibilities are there for transmission of hpv even after genital wart cure. By limiting the sexual partners it helps for genital wart cure and also helps to avoid the transmission of hpv. Genital wart cure is easy when genital wart is small and few. It is important to examine both partners. Then it is easy for genital wart cure.

Laser treatment or freezing treatment is given for genital wart cure. In laser treatment for genital wart cure first thing they do, give the general anesthesia for the patient. Laser treatment helps to remove or to destroy the hpv. Another treatment given for genital warts cure is cryotherapy, in this therapy liquid nitrogen is used for genital warts cure liquid nitrogen will freezes the warts present. The surgery is preferred when warts are in small in size. Surgery is successful method for genital warts cure. In the surgery warts are removed by cutting it. Medications are also given other than the treatments for genital warts cure.





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