Genital Warts Cure

There are several options available for genital warts cure. Some of the widely used options for genital warts cure include the use of medications directly on the warts, techniques such as electrocautery or diathermy, and laser surgery. The type of treatment method deployed for genital warts cure mainly depends upon the extent of growth of the warts.

All these treatment options ensure complete genital warts cure, but recurrence is unavoidable in some cases as the virus still exists in the body even after the warts are completely removed. Research is on to find newer vaccines that enables complete genital warts cure with minimal discomfort. Some of the medications prescribed for gential warts cure, depending upon the size and location of the genital warts include imiquimod cream, 20% podophyllin antimitotic solution, 0.5% podofilox solution. Some of the other medications widely used for genital warts cure include 5% fluorouracil cream and trichloroacetic acid (TCA).

The use of podophyllin or podofilox by pregnant women is not recommended for genital warts cure, as they are absorbed by the skin and can cause some birth defects in the baby. Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is one of the techniques widely used for genital warts cure. This technique provides effective genital warts cure, as it can be used on both dry and moist warts, as well as for external and internal warts.

Cryotherapy used for genital warts cure, is moderately painful and causes blistering only in a few cases. Electrocautery or diathermy is one of the other techniques used for genital warts cure, which physically destroys the warts by burning them. Curettage and scissor or scalpel excisions used for genital warts cure, directly removes the warts.

Laser ablation is used for genital warts cure, in cases of extensive infection or difficult to reach areas such as the cervix. Interferon is an antiviral agent that is widely used for genital warts cure. Some of the side effects of this drug when used for genital warts cure include a flu-like illness and pain at the injection site.





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