Overview to Heal Wart

Warts appear on our body due to the activation of the human papilloma virus. They appear in clusters sometimes in different parts of our body. Warts are contagious and can spread through contacts. To heal wart there are lots of treatments available. These treatments used to heal wart ranges from common home remedies to medicines available over the counter. Surgical treatments are also available to heal wart. Some people also seek laser treatments to heal wart since laser treatments give immediate results.

Cryosurgery is a new method that is used to heal wart. In this method the wart is removed by freezing the wart. If a person seeks cryosurgery to heal wart, it may be uncomfortable for some persons although there will be no pain during the treatment. Thuja and Lemon oil are also used to heal wart. They have natural anti-viral properties which reduces the growth of viruses. As a natural remedy to heal wart you can also apply lemon essential oil directly to the wart and then apply thuja ointment. This process should be repeated for three times daily to heal wart.

Keratolytic therapy is another type of treatment that is used to heal wart. During this treatment to heal wart, acid medicine is applied on the wart. This thins down the skin around the wart and the wart falls off. This is can also be done at home to heal wart. Special chemicals should be used to heal wart that is found in the genital area. You cannot use the normal chemicals that are used to heal wart of other types, since the skin in the genital area is so soft when compared to the other areas of our body. The skin on the genital area may become very sore if normal chemicals are used to heal wart in that part. Consult your doctor before taking up your own treatment for genital warts.





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