Simple Methods for Healing Warts

There are a whole lot of treatment options available for healing warts. Newer techniques are also emerging with every passing day for healing warts. Some of the commonly used treatment options for healing warts include medications both over-the-counter and prescription medications, therapies such as cryotherapy, and surgical procedures some of which involve the use of a laser.

Natural remedies are also being widely used for healing warts. Homeopathy is a stream of medicine widely used for healing warts, which uses medicines prepared from natural products. Certain essential oils also play a major role in healing warts. Now let us see some of the therapies, herbs, and food supplements rich in nutritional value that are helpful in healing warts. Food supplements rich in vitamin A and C that strengthen immunity are greatly helpful in healing warts. These food supplements used for healing warts not only eliminate the growth of warts but also prevent recurrences when taken for longer periods.

Topical medications such as oil of vitamin E capsules, garlic oil, and tea tree oil are some of the natural remedies used for healing warts. Some of the other natural products widely used for healing warts include goldenseal, pau d'arco tinctures, and aloe vera gel. One of the other topical medication used for healing warts, is a paste prepared by mixing powdered form of vitamin C with some water.You can dilute these topical medications used for healing warts with a little water or vegetable oil, if there is any irritation of the skin. The natural topical medications used for healing warts do not show immediate results as chemical medications.

As a result, one need to use these topical medications for several weeks to a few months for healing warts completely. Some of the herbs that have proved to be useful in healing warts include Balsam Fir, Bloodroot, Celandine, Coix, Dandelion, Jojoba Oil, Lemon, Mayapple, Onion, Papaya, Prickly Poppy, Teasel, Walnut, and White Willow. Some of the homeopathic medicines widely used for healing warts include Causticum, Dulcamara, Sepia, Staphysagria, and Thuja.





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