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There are numerous HPV treatment options available in the market today. Some of the commonly used HPV treatment options to cure the symptoms include medications, surgical procedures, and laser technqiues. Plenty of chemical medications are being widely used in HPV treatment. One of the main drawbacks of these chemical medications used for HPV treatment is that they cause harmful side effects if not used with proper care.

As a result, natural remedies are being widely used for HPV treatment. The products of natural remedies used for HPV treatment not only cure the symptoms but also provide a soothing effect on the skin. The natural remedies used for HPV treatment act slowly and so takes longer time to show results. Aldara cream is one of the widely used topical medications for HPV treatment that is safe, effective, and easy to use. Podophyllin is one of the other widely used topical medications for HPV treatment.

This medication when used as part of HPV treatment to cure the symptoms causes a burning sensation as it dries and needs to be washed off within 4 to 6 hours of application. Electrotherapy is one of the techniques deployed in HPV treatment, which involves cauterization, a process that destroys tissue by using chemical corrosion or electricity, or by heating or freezing it. Electrocautery used for HPV treatment involves the use of a small probe which has an electric current running through it, to cauterize the tissue.

An anti-viral drug called interferon is one of the other medications used for HPV treatment, when all other methods of HPV treatment fail. OxiMed, warts no more, and beta mannan are some of the popular products used for HPV treatment.

Cryotherapy is one of the other techniques widely used for HPV treatment, which involves freezing off the wart with liquid nitrogen. This technique is being preferred for HPV treatment than others, as it is relatively inexpensive, safe and effective. Laser therapy is one of the other techniques used for HPV treatment, which involves the use of an intense light to destroy the warts.





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