Proven Natural Remedies for Warts

Natural remedies for warts are available in plenty. Some of the natural remedies for warts that are practiced by many people may be different and new but they say that it has been effective on them. Whatever be the natural remedies for warts that are used, the primary aim of that is to remove the warts from our body and to prevent any future outbreak of warts.

Most of the natural remedies for warts also improve the immunity system of our body so that the warts don’t reappear in our body. By improving the immunity system through natural remedies for warts, our body’s natural healing power is induced and it fights against the virus that causes warts.Natural remedies for warts include the application of garlic over the warts to remove warts from our body.

This considered as one of the effective natural remedies for warts since garlic has anti-viral properties in it. Vitamin A and vitamin C are also considered to be effective against warts and hence these are used as supplements in natural remedies for warts. The other natural remedies for warts include the application of vitamin E oil over the warts along with garlic and to cover them with an adhesive bandage.

A lot of home natural remedies for warts are practiced by many people all over the world. Some people rub the potato that is cut into half on the wart. This is has been said to be effective for most of the people and hence this is also one of the natural remedies for warts.

Thuja which is an extract from redwood trees is available in herbal stores. This extract in liquid form is used as one of the natural remedies for warts. Vitamin A capsules have been found to remove warts in some people. Banana peels if rubbed on the warts daily will also remove the warts from your body. Hence this also comes under the category of natural remedies for warts.





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