Overview to Remedies for Warts

Aloe gel is one of the remedies for warts, which makes the warts dry up in a few days and completely removes the warts in a few weeks. Apple cider vinegar is one of the other natural remedies for warts, which when applied to the warts for a few minutes and then washed off with tepid water, makes the warts dry.

Applying wood ashes to the warts is one of the other natural remedies for warts. Applying a solution of aspirin prepared by dissolving the tablet in a few drops of water, to the warts is also the natural remedies for warts. Rubbing the wart three times a day with a solution of baking soda and water is one of the other natural remedies for warts. The other remedies for warts include applying the pulp side of a ripe banana peel on the warts and rubbing a cashew on the wart several times a day and placing a small amount of broken pieces of cashew on the wart is one of the other remedies for warts.

Applying castor oil on the wart and rubbing the warts with your fingers for a few minutes during mornings and nights is natural remedies for warts. Rubbing the wart daily with a piece of white chalk and rubbing the milky sap obtained from the stem of dandelion, on the warts in a circular motion two to three times a day, is one of the other natural remedies for warts.Applying glue to the affected areas and leaving it as long as it stays on to it is one of the other remedies for warts.

Rubbing small pieces of raw garlic on the wart and applying a drop of grapefruit seed extract and covering the area with a band-aid comes under the category of remedies for warts. Grapefruit seed extract is a powerful antimicrobial product and an excellent disinfectant. Dab food grade hydrogen peroxide on the warts with a cotton balland applying iodine on the wart are the other remedies for warts. Care needs to be taken while applying hydrogen peroxide, as it can burn your skin.





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