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Remedy for wart is available in different forms such as oral drugs, ointments and natural medications. These can be taken even at home as a remedy for wart. Garlic is the most commonly used remedy for wart. Garlic is used as a remedy for wart, has to be crushed and applied on the wart and covered using a bandage.

Garlic will kill the virus that causes warts. Garlic has anti-viral properties which are used as a remedy for wart. Apart from garlic, vitamin A and vitamin C are also used as remedy for wart. Vitamin E oil is applied on the wart as a remedy for wart and this is practiced by many people all over the world.Warts give a different look for the persons infected. It reduces the self-confidence of the person and hence most people prefer to remove it as quickly as possible unless it is not visible to other persons.

Wart can grow on any part of the body. Your face, hands, legs, foot, and even genital areas can grow warts. Hence a remedy for wart is a necessity. It affects not only the looks; some types of genital warts can even cause cervix cancer. To avoid such complexities a remedy for wart should be sought after.Warts are in general contagious and particularly genital warts are the wart that is involved mostly in the transmission of the human papilloma virus to other persons. Tetrasil, Wart Mole Vanish, and Oxi-MED are the commonly available remedy for wart. Remedy for wart can also take the form of cryosurgery. It is a remedy for wart that freezes the wart before removing it.

Remedy for wart are also available in the form laser treatments now-a-days. Keratolytic treatment is a form of remedy for wart that is also done. This treatment includes the application of acidic chemicals that works upon the wart and make it fall off. This treatment makes the skin area surrounding the wart to become lose and then the wart is shed off. In case of genital warts care should be taken in not using the normal chemicals as a remedy for wart, since the skin in the genital areas are softer than the skin in the other areas of our body.





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