Treatment for HPV - An overview

Treatment for HPV is mandatory, as HPV is a highly contagious disease. A patient decides to take up a treatment for HPV only after the symptoms of HPV are clearly visible. A treatment for HPV involves the removal of both the skin of the wart and the skin directly beneath the wart. If a treatment for HPV doesn't remove the skin beneath the wart, then there is a greater chance of the development of the wart in the same place.

The destruction of the wart and its underlying skin performed as part of the treatment for HPV, creates an inflammatory response in the body that helps prevent further wart formation. Herbal treatment for HPV involves the use of certain topical essential oils having antiviral properties.Treatment for HPV symptoms may involve the use of topical medications, techniques such as cryotherapy and electrocauterization, surgical procedures, and laser. Electrophoresis technique used in the treatment for HPV, involves the use of a silver electrode to destroy the warts.

Salicylic acid preparations used in the treatment for HPV, are very effective in directly dissolving the warts. Salicylic acid used in the treatment for HPV creates a local inflammation in the area of the wart, which helps create the immune response that helps avoid the recurrence of warts. Certain acid preparations used in the treatment for HPV by physicians are much quicker and stronger, requiring analgesia for pain relief in some cases.Aldara containing a chemical called imiquimod, is one of the topical medications used in the treatment for HPV Regular use of this topical medication as part of the treatment for HPV shows impressive results in about four months time.

Electrocautery is one of the techniques used in the treatment for HPV, which destroys both the wart as well as the skin beneath it with the help of electric current. This technique deployed as part of the treatment for HPV, is very specific, very quick, and more expensive than other treatment options. Laser surgery performed as part of the treatment for HPV, involves the use of a high-intense laser beam to remove the warts.





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