A Briefing on Male Yeast Infection

Many people have this wrong notion that men do not develop yeast infection. Nowadays many men develop yeast infection. Thrush is not the only thing that affects men, even penile yeast infection can cause a lot to men, which is a fungus formed in the male reproductive organ.

So, if such men have unprotected sex, they are likely going to affect their sex partners as well. Coitus is something that looks into the transfer of fluid from one partner to the other causing infections.
People have wrong notions on this infection because of unawareness on male yeast infection. Some of the common reasons behind penile yeast infection that allows men to be more cautious and try and avoid this infection are as follows – unprotected sex transmits the infection between partners where men get affected a lot.

In order to act on this married people should go in for treatment and use protection when having sex and there is no arguing on using protection for the other partner as well.

Antibiotic medications are another cause of this infection when used for long periods of time. Antibiotics basically work to kill all the bacteria and in the process kill even the good bacteria thus causing the formation of fungus causing such an infection.

Yeast infection is at its peak you’re your body does not have the right balance of organisms. The other reason is when there is high sugar content in your body, which is a result of diabetes and a perfect place for the yeast to reside. So, you need to control your diabetes appropriately in order to avoid this problem. Those of you who have no idea about this must check your diabetes.

An appropriate condom choice should be made and avoid using those condoms that consist of the lubricant known as nonoxyunol-9. So, when you purchase condoms make sure you see if it contains such a lubricant. Certain medical professionals advice you not to purchase condoms that have spermicidal lubricants.

There are various reasons behind getting this infection. Prevention should be looked into first, but if you develop it immediately consult with a doctor. Penile yeast infection is shown through dry skin on the penile, white patches on the penis tip, itchy sensation, pain, soreness, etc.

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