Details on Baby Yeast Infection

Baby yeast infection is also known as baby thrush. Such a yeast infection is the result of bacteria in the private parts of the baby or in the baby’s mouth. Although baby yeast infection is not that serious an issue, it can cause serious discomfort to the babies.

Since there are no symptoms for baby yeast infection, it is very difficult to diagnose the problem. However, you can look at the way the baby behaves and try and figure out if it is experiencing thrush. Babies who have thrush are very often irritated, angry, as well as grumpy especially when you try feeding them.

Thrush becomes evident when there is a white curd-like layer on the mouth or tongue of the baby. Pacifiers never stay in the mouth of a baby who is infected from thrush.

Antibiotics can be a reason behind baby yeast infection. Antibiotics help candida grow, which is a bacteria that helps the yeast reside in the body thus reducing the strength in the immune system. A mother can also transmit this infection to the baby when the breastfeed.

Thus, even when feeding through a bottle or a pacifier, the parents should take very good care and keep all the utensils clean. When the weather is warm or even cold bacteria grows.

Yeast infection in babies do not harm in the early stages. However, there are side effects such as dehydration as well as malnutrition. The other difficulties include finding it tough to suckle as well as swallow.

In the later stages the infection spreads and affects the gastrointestinal system thus causing the baby to have nappy rash.

Sterilizing all the equipments used by the infant is the best way to prevent as well as treat baby yeast infection. Also, try and keep all everything dry because yeast is known to live in moist areas. Once the nappy gets dirty, you must immediately change it. Make sure you clean the baby’s private parts well and make sure they stay dry most of the time.

Prior to putting a diaper, make sure you dry the baby’s bottom for around five minutes. Do not put the nappy very tightly as it does not let bacteria grow when it is not very tight. You must consult with a pediatrician immediately if the infection does not vanish. The infection can be treated well if the medicines are given at the right time.

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