Natural home allergy remedies

Allergy can be treated at home itself. Keeping the environment clean at home is the primary way to treat allergy. Dusty environments are the triggering factors of allergy. You should make note of the environment at work place also. People who are working in a dusty environment may have allergies often.

Sneezing, tearful eyes, and running nose are some of the symptoms of allergies. They can be treated at home itself using the commonly available remedies. Eating Garlic and Onion in your food is one of the remedies for allergies. It is found that garlic and onion contains Quercitin which is used in the treatment of allergies. Quercitin is found in bioflavonoid which is rich in garlic and onions.

Citrus fruits can also be taken and is found effective for some types of allergies. You should know that molds grow in the moist environments in your house and hence you should avoid moist environments at home. Stressful life conditions may also lead to allergies. You can practice yoga and other holistic methods to relieve stress from your life. This could do the magic in treating allergies.

Rinsing your nasal passage with warm water mixed with non-iodized salt is one of the remedies. You may use a neti pot sold in the yoga and holistic centers for this purpose. Gargling using warm water mixed with salt is also one of the ways to treat allergies like teary eyes and running nose. You can also seek the assistance of an acupuncturist in treating allergy. But you have to approach them very earlier before the allergy is set.

A little observation on the foods that you take would help you to avoid allergies. Some of the foods should be avoided to treat allergy. Foods like corn and tomatoes should be avoided. Wheat and oats also should be avoided for certain types of allergies. Alcohol and chocolates are not good for allergies. Nutritional supplements like vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E can be taken while treating allergies.





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At last, the truth will be exposed so that YOU can Cure Your Allergies Naturally and get your life back - from the comfort of your own home.... Guranteed!




At last, the truth will be exposed so that YOU can Cure Your Allergies Naturally and get your life back - from the comfort of your own home.... Guranteed!

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