Ways of handling babies with colic

Babies with colic usually cry a lot more than most babies. The number of hours the babies with colic cry, can last for about three to four hours in a day. Babies with colic can continue to cry three to fours days in a weeks for about three to four months. The babies with colic pull their arms and legs toward their bodies when crying.

In addition, the babies with colic may seem to be suffering due to pain all the time. Sometimes the babies with colic stretch out their arms and legs and stiffen, and then draw up again. The babies with colic can even turn bright red in color due to constant crying. The babies with colic usually get fussy towards the end of the day.Babies with colic may cry in bouts or may cry almost all of the time. The babies with colic swallow air in the process of continuous crying. This can create gas in babies with colic and can result in the baby's tummy looking swollen and tight.

As the babies with colic are healthy, parents need not worry about this condition. The babies with colic come out of the symptoms as they grow older. The babies with colic do not get the symptoms due to improper handling. So parents need not worry that they may be a cause for the suffering of their babies with colic. Babies with colic need more attention, as they more sensitive to the environment than other babies.

Rocking in a rocking chair or cradle is one of the ways of soothing babies with colic. Placing a warm water bottle on the stomach is one of the other ways of soothing babies with colic. Putting in a wind-up swing is one of the other ways of soothing babies with colic giving a warm bath or a pacifier and gently rubbing the stomach and wrapping in a soft blanket are some of the other ways of soothing babies with colic. Plenty of over-the-counter medications and natural remedies are available to cure babies with colic.




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