Reasons to be called colic baby

Colic baby is a baby that suffers due to abdominal pain and cries a lot due to this pain. A colic baby can have symptoms until its third month. But parents need not worry if they have a colic baby, as colic is not a serious physical disorder or disease. In addition, the colic baby is relieved of its symptoms after three months of age on its own.

There is no single treatment available till date to cure your colic baby. But there are plenty of over-the-counter medications and home remedies which can help your colic baby get rid of the symptoms. Some general measures taken during the first three months can provide the colic baby some relief from pain.Continuous crying is one of the common symptoms of a colic baby. A colic baby usually cries every afternoon for three to four hours continuously. This crying of the colic baby can last for three to four days in a week for about three months time since birth.

One of the other common symptoms visible in a colic baby is reddened of the face. Another visible symptom of a colic baby is pulling of the legs up to the stomach and then fully stretching. The other symptoms that can be common in a colic baby include foot getting cold and hand getting clenched. A colic baby remains to stay healthy even when the symptoms can be visibly noted .A colic baby refuses to eat or becomes fussy soon after eating. In addition, a colic baby faces difficulty falling and staying asleep.

A colic baby can be sensitive to cow's milk and so it is better to prefer other milk sources such as goat's milk or soy milk. The colic baby can be given gripe water, which is one of the widely used medications that helps release the trapped gas. You can walk with your colic baby or sit in a rocking chair to provide some relief from pain. Burping your colic baby more often during feedings is one of the other measures that could provide some relief. Placing your colic baby across your lap on his or her belly and rubbing on its back is one of the other measures that relieve pain.




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