Colic in Infants

Colic in infants results in babies crying uncontrollably for extended hours. Colic in infants does not in anyway interfere with the general health of a baby and does not affect the dietary patterns of the baby and so the baby feeds well even when this condition persists. Colic in infants is confirmed if the baby cries for more than three hours a day continuously for a day.

Colic in infants can last up to three to four days a week and it is common among both the sexes. Colic in infants usually occurs at around two to four weeks of age. In some cases, colic in infants can last for three months and even longer in some rare cases. Colic in infants is just a temporary problem and gets cured on its own after a period of three weeks. There are plenty of simple home remedies and natural remedies available today to cure colic in infants. The exact cause of colic in infants in not known till date. However, there are various factors which are considered to be causes of colic in infants. One of the major causes of colic in infants is the abdominal gas passed out by the baby due to some problems in the digestive system.

Temperament of the baby is considered to be one of the other causes of colic in infants, as this can make the baby highly sensitive to the environment. As a result, the baby may react to normal stimulation or changes to the environment by crying. One of the other causes of colic in infants is the immature nervous system of the infant which prevents the baby from regulating the crying once it starts. Continuous crying for long periods of time is one of the common symptoms of colic in infants. A baby looking uncomfortable or appearing to be in pain is one of the other symptoms of colic in infants. Babies lifting their head, drawing their legs up to their tummy, reddening of the face and passing wind are some of the other common symptoms of colic in infants.




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