Commonly used colic treatments

Colic treatments usually involve the use of some over-the-counter medications or herbal medications and some general measures that provides some relief to the suffering baby. The colic treatments that use medications are effective in controlling the symptoms and relieving the pain. However, the medications used in the colic treatments are not effective in preventing the occurrence of the symptoms of colic in newborns and infants.

The general measures which involve some actions for proper handling of the baby need to be taken with care during the course of colic treatments. These general measures not only help the colic treatments to be effective in curing the symptoms but also enable in preventing the recurrence of colic in babies. Colic treatments use medications to cure the symptoms very rarely, as the medications may cause some serious side effects to the infants. Medications used in colic treatments help relieve abdominal symptoms caused by colic.

Over-the-counter medications such as colic drops or gripe water used in colic treatments provide some relief to the baby from severe abdominal pain. Colic treatments also widely use a medicine called dimeticone that helps relieve trapped wind in an infant. The colic treatments also use over-the-counter medications containing the compound simethicone to reduce pain due to excess gas caused by colic. The colic treatments are mainly designed to enable the infant get out of pain till the time when colic disappears on its own.

Burping a baby more frequently and feeding a baby in an upright position is one of the general measures taken during the course of colic treatments, which helps prevent spouts of colic. Special types of herbs called carminatives are used in herbal colic treatments to treat infant colic. The colic treatments use these herbs with soothing properties to sooth the intestines of a baby during periods of colic spasms. The colic treatments use a type of carminatives called chamomile to reduce the intestinal cramps and the abdominal pain caused by colic. One of the other carminative herbs used in colic treatments is hyssop, which has a mild sedative effect that helps reduce the symptoms of colic.




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