Overview to Equine Colic

Equine colic is a condition in horses which causes severe abdominal pain mainly due to bowel conditions. The abdominal pain due to equine colic is caused by either the not so serious accumulations of gas in the large intestine or severe conditions such as twisted bowel which can lead to death if not treated soon. Equine colic is one of the most dangerous and costly medical problems in horses.

Equine colic is estimated to occur in about one out of ten horses each year. Equine colic can originate from the stomach, the small intestine or the large intestine. Severe cases of equine colic can end in fatality. The entire digestive network is suspended and nourished by a thin membrane called the mesentery. Equine colic can result due to the malfunction, displacement, twisting, swelling, infection, or lesion of any part of this complex body system. Butylscopolamine bromide is one of the most popular medications used for curing equine colic.

This medication when used to cure equine colic alleviates the pain and bowel spasm associated with simple spasmodic colic. In addition, this medication provides a highly effective mechanism for curing equine colic, as it is both spasmolytic and analgesic. Overeating, constant swallowing of air, a sudden change in diet, and consumption of moldy feed are some of the common causes of equine colic.Turnout on the wet pastures of early spring, a heavy meal before work, and feeding or watering before proper cooling after work are some of the other causes of equine colic.

The signs of equine colic vary according to the severity of the particular conditions. Only very few horses exhibit all the signs of equine colic at one time. Some signs of equine colic associated with mild to moderate pain include pawing the ground, sweating, looking around at the belly, restlessness, lack of appetite, stamping the hind feet, and lying down. Some signs of equine colic associated with more severe, unrelenting pain include pawing the ground violently, appearing drawn up or bloated in the belly, muscle tremors or straining, kicking violently, and sweating profusely.




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