Various home remedies for colic

Home remedies for colic are available plenty in number today. Parents can try the home remedies for colic one after the other and see which one works best for them in providing some relief to their babes. As over-the-counter medications are not so effective in curing the symptoms of colic, the home remedies for colic are being widely preferred. The home remedies for colic involve the use of some of the rare herbs that have high medicinal value.

The home remedies for colic can also be some activities performed on a daily basis and some dietary regulations. As colic is not a serious medical condition, most people prefer to cure the symptoms using home remedies for colic than to use over-the-counter medications which are expensive and could cause some side effects.Running a vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher is one of the home remedies for colic, which creates a low-level humming in the background that is soothing for the colic baby.

Placing a fish tank in the baby's room is one of the other home remedies for colic, as the sound of the bubbles going through the filter helps stop the baby from crying. Putting your baby next to the washer which provides a soothing effect to the baby and taking the baby for a drive in a car is one of the other common home remedies for colic, that provides some relief from pain. Using a warm water bottle to massage the belly of the baby are common home remedies for colic that provides some relief to the baby.

One teaspoon juice of mint mixed with a small quantity of powdered black pepper and honey and fennel,which is helpful in solving intestinal problems are one of the natural home remedies for colic that provides some relief from the symptoms.Avoiding food items such as beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, eggs, onions, and green peppers that promote gas formation is one of the other common home remedies for colic. Other home remedies for colic are avoiding dairy products, citrus fruits, chocolate, tomatoes, caffeine containing items such as coffee, tea and sodas, and seafood.




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