Useful Remedies for Colic

Due to the non availability of any specific medications to cure the condition, remedies for colic are being widely used and are very simple and easy to use. The remedies for colic can be some day to day activities, dietary regulations, and some natural medicines. The natural remedies for colic use medicines prepared using some of the rare herbs or topical applications which can be some essential oils.

As the remedies for colic use only natural substances, no side effects are caused. However, the remedies for colic which involve dietary regulations, it is advised to consult a doctor before making any change.Avoiding the use of cow milk is one of the remedies for colic, as the protein in the milk of cows can cause stomachache in some sensitive babies. Avoiding food items such as root vegetables, acidic foods such as grapefruit or tomatoes, chocolate, or items containing artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives is one of the other remedies for colic which breast feeding mother’s should certainly follow.

Other remedies for colic is maternal stress, as stress in the mother can be felt by a child which can result in the child crying for long hours. As a result, staying stress free by performing activities like walking in a park or taking a warm bath is one of the best remedies for colic.One of the other common remedies for colic is wrapping the baby in a blanket which helps provide a sense of security and comfort to the baby.

Gentle repetitive movement with the help of rocking swings which can sooth some babies and using essential oils such as chamomile to massage the stomach area of the baby are one of the other remedies for colic which helps relieve pain. The use of a warm water bottle to apply heat to the body that helps sooth the pain and distracting the baby by giving some play items, which can provide relief from pain for some time are some common remedies for colic.




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