Various Signs of Colic

The signs of colic usually begin to appear in a baby after a period of three weeks since birth. Once the signs of colic are visible, it is better to consult a doctor and take the necessary treatment. The signs of colic disappear on its own with the need for any medications or treatments after a period of few weeks to months. No two children have the same signs of colic.

The level of discomfort caused to the infant can be greatly reduced, if the necessary treatment is taken immediately when the first signs of colic are noticed. Although you may be familiar with the signs of colic, it is advised to consult a doctor to confirm whether they are actually the signs of colic or signs of some other serious medical condition. The signs of colic usually start within two to four weeks after birth and the child can suffer for up to three months.

Inconsolable loud cry of baby frequently for two to three hours and a baby crying often at roughly the same time and usually once or twice a day are one of the other signs of colic. The baby having increased bowel pains and the baby pulling its feet up under its body and clenching its fists are common signs of colic. The stomach of a baby rumbling severely and a baby producing lot of wind is one of the other signs of colic.

Intense fussiness in the evenings and a hand being clenched is one of the other common signs of colic. The babies suffering due to colic eat well and gain weight normally, even when the signs of colic are present .The signs of colic may be more disturbing for the parents than the babies, as parents are stressed thinking about the sufferings of the babies. There are plenty of over-the-counter medications and natural remedies available so parents can try any one of the natural remedies that provides better relief from the signs of colic.




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