Easy ways to treat colic

Medications both chemical and natural are available in plenty to treat colic. Natural medicines are being widely preferred to treat colic than over-the-counter medications, as the chemicals in over-the-counter medications can harm the infant. Over-the-counter medicines containing the compound simethicone is widely used to treat colic, which helps reduce pain due to excess gas caused by colic.

Medications used to treat colic provide the greater comfort to the infant by reducing the pain and in turn cure the symptoms of colic. Some simple measures such as burping the baby more frequently and feeding them while they are upright can be taken to treat colic and also prevent colic from recurring.Medicating the baby with Mylicon gas drops is one of the widely used methods to treat colic. Herbal remedies which involve the use of some rare herbs are being widely used to treat colic.

Ginger is one of the herbal remedies used to treat colic that soothes nausea and irritated stomachs when used in small quantities. Catnip is one of the other herbal remedies used to treat colic that helps indigestion problems which is considered one of the causes of colic. Chamomile which provides a sedating effect when taken as a tea is the one of the best herbal remedies used to treat colic. The chemicals such as bisapolol and chamazulene of chamomile when used to treat colic helps reduce intestinal spasms which in turn decreases the cramping pain experienced by the baby.

Hyssop is one of the other herbal remedies used to treat colic that has a mild sedative effect which could be helpful in reducing the symptoms of colic. Caraway is one of the other popular herbs having soothing properties which when used to treat colic helps relieve stomach cramps. Yarrow is one of the other widely used herbs to treat colic that helps relieve the trapped gas. Garden anglica that provides some relief from pain and cinnamon are one of the other herbs used to treat colic. Fumitor is one of the other herbs used to treat colic, which is used as a tea to provide pain relief to the colicky babies.




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