Treating a bedwetting child

Bedwetting is a problem that occurs for children below the age of 6 years. There are older children who also face this problem. The bedwetting child should not be punished for bedwetting. The bedwetting child should not be humiliated in front of others since this would affect the child psychologically. The bedwetting child should be taken for counselling with a doctor or the parent itself can counsel the child.

The bedwetting child should be made comfortable and the bedwetting child should be made known that he or she is not alone in this problem. The bedwetting child should be informed that there many other children like him/her who are facing such problems. To treat a bedwetting child from this problem, the bedwetting child should not be allowed to take any liquid food before going to bed. The bedwetting child should be practiced to go to the bathroom before going to bed daily.

There are homeopathic medicines like Be-dry for treating bedwetting child. There are medications available for treating bedwetting child who have immature bladder. The bedwetting child can be allowed to practice controlling the bladder during day time. But before taking up this practice the doctor or a medical practitioner should be consulted. The bedwetting child can be treated by DDAVP (desmopressin acetate). This is one of the most commonly available medication for bedwetting child. This medication is available in the form of nasal spray and also tablets.




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