Stop bed wetting - An Overview

Bed wetting is a common problem mostly for children below 6 years of age. It is not easy for children to stop bed wetting because it is not under their control. Controlling of the bladder could help to stop bed wetting but it should come by practice. There therapies that help to control the bladder and hence stop bed wetting.

Bed wetting in children affects their self-esteem and hence parents should not punish them for bed wetting and ask them to stop bed wetting. First parents should understand that bed wetting is a common problem and it is normal.There are medicines available to stop bed wetting. These medicines can be taken to stop bed wetting at the advice of a medical practitioner. Bed wetting can be hereditary or even due to family problems hence that has to be probed before taking up any medicine to stop bed wetting.

There is an effective homeopathic remedy to stop bed wetting. This that is used to stop bed wetting is called Be-Dry. It has Equisetum in it which is effective to stop bed wetting. This Equisetum comes from Asia and is widely used in China to stop bed wetting. The child has to take 2 pills daily 30 minutes before or after food to effectively stop bed wetting.Parents should take are that their children don’t feel odd since they couldn’t stop bed wetting.

Parents have to educate their children and make them feel that it is normal for them to bed wet. They should also tell them that they are not the only children who do that and there are many children like that. They should educate them that it will be rectified automatically once they grow older. Lack of a hormone excretion would also cause bed wetting. The hormone called antidiuretic hormone is responsible to concentrate that urine so that it doesn’t overflow from the bladder. Deficiency in this hormone would cause a child to bed wet.




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