Natural Medicines in Candida Cure

Candida is a yeast or fungus, in our body we have small amount in our body it usually affect the intestinal track, vaginal due to this candida many people get the gastric problem. Many therapy or treatments are there for candida cure. Natural medicine are given in candida cure like herbs are give those are found in naturally, herbs are really powerful and effective for candida cure. Candida will be active in some parts of the body like mouth, intestinal track it is present in warm area of your body. For candida cure avoid using the tight cloths don’t wear the same cloths without washing it in hot water. Basic prescription for candida cure is that you should be very hygienic. Candida spread in the body through bloods cells so we should be careful in taking care of our body, but it wont spread from person to person.

Avoid milk, cheese, mushroom, and import thing you have avid eating or drinking any sugar content product you must avid all these products for candida cure. Some of products available in home will be helpful in candida cure. Garlic, grape seed extract, yogurt. Eating raw garlic instead of cooked it will give good results and helps in candida cure. Some of the other herbs used in candida cure are essential oil, Tea tree oil, and oregano oil. Recently invented that coconut oil helps in candida cure, which will kill candida those who are not able to avoid the eating sugar then they can replace it by fructooligosaccharides (FOS) it will be present in grains so FOS also help in candida cure.

Anti–fungal drugs are also used in candida cure are nystatin, nizoral, fluconazole clotrimazole, some of the other drugs are miconazole, and tioconazole. Amphotericine B is given for candida cure. Acidophilus is also given for candida cure. Some drugs are given in the form of mouth wash or syrup, it is better to use the white tooth past instead of colored tooth paste and also avoid using color sops it helps you for candida cure. Some of drugs are not prescribed to pregnant women; the drug that is usually prescribed to the pregnant women is nystatin. Which is does not have any side effects it is used in candida cure.





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