Medications to Cure Candida

Taking care of diet does the main Cure candida. Without controlling your diets you can’t cure candida. First thing to do to cure candida is you should avoid eating all sugars content fruits, vegetables, milk, and peanuts etc. you should keep you skin dry and clean without having any cuts these prevention will help you to cure candida. You should follow your diets very carefully, which cure candida very effectively. Avoid added sugars like fructose, molasses, honey, fruit sweetener etc including candy, cake, and cookies. Then avoid eating junk foods all those will affect the immune system.

You can cure candida by various treatments like allopathic treatment, homeopathic treatments, herbal treatment and so on. Natural herbal treatments are very effective and powerful but it takes long time to cure candida. Garlic is best one to cure candida; eating raw garlic it has an effective result. Some of drugs commonly used are nystatin, nizoral, and fluconazol in that drug nystatin is powerful to cure candida. Some herbs used to cure candida are tea tree oil, essential fatty acids, oregano, peppermint, and rosemary oil.

Vitamins and nutrition’s help lot to cure candida. The vitamins that are used to cure candida are, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6. Eating lots of fiber content food will kill and cure candida. Drinking lots of water, which should be included in your daily diet. Water makes to remove all toxins from your body and flush out all dead yeast from your body. Water is a wonder full substance it helps to cure candida in easy manner with out having any complex therapy or drugs. It is natural remedy to cure candida.





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