Cure for Thrush

Thrush occurs due to overgrowth of fungus or yeast called candida. Vaginal candida is also known as thrush. There are different types of thrush, affected in our body like vaginal thrush, oral thrush. Vaginal thrush mostly affects by 75% of women. The drugs commonly given to cure for thrush are nystatin, miconazole, and clotrimazole. You need to follow some simple steps to Cure for thrush that is not wearing tight clothes or underwear it cause itching, and rashes. Usually candida (yeast) present in the warm place like mouth, vaginal. Avoid using colored soaps, perfumes. Cure for thrush, creams also available, it will reduce the thrush.

Thrush also affects newborn baby. Changing the diapers frequently keeping the baby bum dry &clean does cure for thrush for newborn baby it is the best natural cure for thrush. Exposing the affected area to fresh air and sunlight it is best cure for thrush. Another important step to cure for thrush is you should be very hygiene by washing the hand after changing the baby’s diapers, touching the mouth of the baby it will prevent from spreading the thrush. Thrush in nipples it may spread to the baby while feeding will also affect even mothers, because mothers breast milk contains glucose so cure for thrush in nipples by washing it with hot water after feeding the baby.

Wash all your cloths and especially towels, breast pads, bras in hot water with vinegar it helps to kill all yeast present in it and hang them in the sun to dry it show you good effect in cure for thrush. Some of the homemade remedies to cure for thrush the best one is yogurt apply it on nipple after feeding, dipping your clean finger in to the yogurt and keep it in the mouth of your babe to suck after feeding or use cotton be sure yogurt is not contaminated. To cure for thrush the above said precautions are done. Avoid using all dairy products except yogurt sugar products. Fruits to cure for thrush. Eating fibers and drinking distilled water are best remedy used to cure for thrush.





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