Medications for Thrush Cure

A lot of treatment options are available for thrush cure. People can adopt any of the treatment options that they feel comfortable with and the one that helps effective thrush cure. An anti-fungal cream such as miconazole cream applied to the affected area is very effective for thrush cure. The use of this anti-fungal cream for thrush cure has shown success rates of about 80 to 90 percent. Some of the other common creams that are widely used for thrush cure include nystatin and clotrimazole. Pessaries that are inserted in the vagina area are assistive devices that show good results in thrush cure. Fluconazole is one of the oral medications widely used for thrush cure in individuals with severe infections. Fluconazole is used for thrush cure only if creams and other methods of treatment does not respond.

Acidic gel is one of the other products used for thrush cure, which restores the correct acidity in resistant cases. Taking bath in warm salty water is one of the other treatment options that helps thrush cure, by relieving the itch and aiding faster recovery. Women who suffer due to recurrent thrush caused by the common yeast can use over-the-counter non-prescription medications for thrush cure. Women who take the over-the-counter non-prescription medications for thrush cure without confirming whether they have thrush or not, can delay the correct diagnosis of thrush and encourage resistant forms of thrush. Now let us see some of the preventive measures that patients can take for effective thrush cure

Washing and thoroughly drying the genital area at least once a day is one of the preventive measures that help thrush cure. The use of perfumed and colored soaps, bubble baths, and vaginal douches should be completely avoided for effective thrush cure. Wiping the anal area with toilet paper from front to back after a bowel movement is one of the other preventive measures that help thrush cure. Not wearing tight clothes or underwear is one of the other preventive measures that help thrush cure. The use of tampons should be avoided for effective thrush cure, as the organism thrives in warm, moist, dark places. Using some creams on the infected areas along with a course of antibiotics is one of the other measures that help effective thrush cure.





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