How to Treat Thrush?

Various medications both stimulant and natural are available to treat thrush. The stimulant medications used to treat thrush can cause some side effects such as skin irritation and burning. The natural medications used to treat thrush act soft on the skin and provide a soothing effect. One of the important measures to be taken by breast-feeding mothers to treat thrush, is cleaning of the nipples with an antifungal medication such as nystatin. Dry the nipples after each breast-feeding session is one of the other measures that help treat thrush. Plain, unflavored yogurt containing live cultures can be massaged around the inside of the child's mouth, to treat thrush.

Adults can treat thrush at home using some of the commonly available nonprescription medications. When you do not see any visible changes or improvement, consult a physician who will prescribe certain stimulant medications to treat thrush. Now let us see some of the commonly used natural substances that are being widely used to treat thrush. Gentian violet is one of the natural products widely used to treat thrush. Gentian violet is applied all over the mouth of the baby and on the nipples of the mother to help treat thrush. Apple cider vinegar is one of the other natural substances used to treat thrush. Rinsing the mouth with 1 part water and 1 part cider vinegar every couple of hours helps treat thrush. Eating yogurt is one of the natural ways widely used to treat thrush. Yogurt helps treat thrush by killing the bacteria.

Using rosemary and sage tea as a mouth wash is one of the other ways used to treat thrush. Applying tea tree oil on the breast helps treat thrush. Mint / Thyme tea can be used as a mouth wash to treat thrush. Applying a paste prepared by mixing one cup boiling water over half oz red raspberry leaves to the mouth several times a day helps treat thrush. Rubbing the white patches on the tongue with alum several times a day helps treat thrush. Two whole cloves of garlic a day, added to recipes, chopped into salads, or just eaten in a sandwich can help treat thrush. Plenty of complex carbohydrates, like whole wheat and brown rice added to the diet helps treat thrush.





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