Different Methods of Treating Candida

Candida is caused by a single cell fungus and it belongs to a yeast family. Candida albicans exists at a small amount in the intestine of a healthy body. Treating Candida should be handled with utmost care since it is most common among the people with HIV disease. Those people with weak resistance power will frequently experience the reoccurrence of the Candida. In such cases treating candida will be a tedious factor. Possibilities for the overgrowth of candida are mainly due to a dysfunctional immune system. Treating Candida falls under several categories. Since the most commonly affected areas due to candida infections are vagina, mouth and uncircumcised penis, there are separate strategies for treating Candida accordingly.

Yeast infections are common representations for vaginal candida infections and similarly a Candida infection of the uncircumcised penis is called balanitis. Treating Candida yeast infections can be achieved through some of the antifungal medications like clotrimazole and fluconazole or miconazole creams. The above-depicted medication also applies for treating Candida balanitis. Treating Candida using clotrimazole should be provided to all above three years of age. By using barrier creams and changing the diapers frequently, we can achieve treating Candida for diaper rashes. Babies have more number of chances to be caught frequently of diaper rashes. Healthy immune system, good health and hygiene food prevents infection by Candida.

An important natural remedy in treating Candida involves the grape fruit seed extract. The grape fruit seed extract can be taken between the meals and the dosages are weight-based dosage. While treating Candida using this grape seed extract, the dosage should be reduced gradually on notifying the improvement. Treating Candida for vaginal infection can also be attained by douching with the water mixed with prescribed amount of grape fruit seed extract. Treating Candida by using local therapy includes topical creams, vaginal creams and mouthwashes. Systemic therapy, which includes pills and intravenous therapies are least considered since intravenous therapy includes side effects.





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