Frequently Used Natural Medicines for Treatment of Candida

“Candida” the name comes from the organism called Candida Albicans, whose overgrowth in adults causes yeast infection or candidiasis popularly known as candida. There are lots of medicines available for the treatment of candida. The adults are the most affected by candida and hence a treatment of candida in them becomes essential. There are many over-the-counter creams and ointments available in the market for the treatment of candida. Among the adults, women are the most who needs treatment of candida in them, since candida affects them due to the anatomy of them which supports the growth of yeast in them.

Treatment of candida can be done using the available creams and ointments and also with the use of ready home treatments that are practised by many in the world. Some of the natural medicines that are used in the treatment of candida are the use of garlic, cranberrries, and yoghurt. If a women finds that she is infected by the yeast in her vagina, then she can insert garlic in the vagina while she goes to sleep in the night. This is one of the common treatment of candida that is followed. Cranberries are also used in the treatment of candida. Cranberry has vitamin-C. This vitamin lowers the pH of the urine found in the urinary tract. This lowering of the pH helps in treatment of candida, by fighting against any infections found in the urinary tract. If a person is infected in the urinary tract, then Cranberry is a effective medicine that is used for the treatment of candida.

Yoghurt is also used by many in the treatment of candida. Yoghurt is applied on the infected part as a treatment of candida. This has a bacteria called “Lactobacillus acidophilus”. This bacteria produces hydrogen peroxide which is a effective cure in the treatment of candida. To stop the growth of candida a highly effective fungicide called Potassium Sorbate can also be applied on the candida infected area as a treatment of candida. This fungicide helps in killing the fungus that causes candida in the person.





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