Effective natural cure for gingivitis

There are many products available for gum disease and these products eliminate the problem creating bacteria in the tooth and the gums. It is known that these bacterial present in the gums are responsible for the bad breath in us.

One of the medicines for this is available and is named as dentine. This dentine is a mixture of roasted egg plant and salt. This is widely used for treating toothache in the oriental regions. For mild cases of gingivitis you can create a mixture using the following ingredients and use it for treating gingivitis. Mix two part of white oak bark herb, one part of myrrh gum herb, ¾ part of peppermint leaves, ½ part of anise herb, and 1/8 part of clove. You have to grind this in a coffee grinder and make it a powder.

You can use the above ratio of the ingredients and create powder. You have this mixture in a small bottle use it. You can use this powder to brush your teeth and gums and do not rinse your mouth after you brush. You can spit while you brush and after that don’t rinse your mouth. You need to have it in your mouth. There is nothing wrong if you swallow the saliva along with the residue powder. It might taste bitter. If you don’t like the bitter taste you can add some more peppermint leaves while you create the powder.

If you are having gingivitis you can use this mixture 3 times a day to cure it. This powder is more powerful in treating gingivitis. The reason for keeping this powder in the mouth is that it acts on the gingivitis causing bacteria and destroys them. You can leave the paste as long as you can in your mouth. With this natural cure for gingivitis you can avoid the time and money spent with a dentist in treating gingivitis.

You can also create a paste by mixing this mixture in distilled water and applying this paste on the teeth and the gums on the front and the back. This would cure gingivitis. You have to take care of the food items that you eat when you are having gingivitis. It is recommended to have lots of fiber foods like fruits and vegetables. Take less sugar containing foods. Cookies, cake, candy and raisins build plaque in your mouth and hence they should be avoided.

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